Conference Presentations

Presenting my poster, which visualizes data of Black Marylanders, an exciting way to interpret history
  • DCIC Student Research Showcase (Dec 6, 2018), presenting on “Legacy of Slavery: Data Curation Toward Discovery.” I engaged in some preliminary analysis of census data listing Black Marylanders. The poster itself was even later presented as part of a presentation by Maryland State Archivist Ryan Cox on April 30, 2019!

Standing in front of a poster I contributed to at the DCIC Student Research Showcase. If you look closely, you can also see one of the quotes I submitted for the poster, which I am obscuring a little bit.

Other Presentations

  • Class presentation, “From Linux to technical burdens: Looking at BitCurator,” Spring 2019, with David Baasch, Kaley Dietrich, and Rebekah Valentine

  • Class presentation, “Food Waste Fighters!: Improving food waste behaviors with information exposure,” November 26, 2018, with Tyler Black, Ryan Tetter, Anthony Freeman, and Sarah Hamilton