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Below are some books for genealogists, researchers, and historians alike!

Libraries, Librarians, and Popular Culture Vol. 1

This is volume 1 of posts on my Libraries in Popular Culture blog (July 27, 2020 to August 20, 2020), with analyses of various series, examining libraries and librarians in anime series and animated series.





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Tales of the Maryland Extra Regiment

Explosions rocked the ground, the soldiers advanced, cut down by musket fire, falling to the earth. Some of those soldiers and their officers are often forgotten by military historians and others who write about the Revolutionary War period of U.S. History. They come from the Maryland Extra Regiment, also called the Regiment Extraordinary. While the unit itself never saw battlefield action, some had become battle-hardened from previous engagements. The lives of each one of the soldiers and officers are a story in and of itself. This e-book aims to tell the stories of some of these soldiers and officers with the assistance of maps from the Library of Congress and other visualizations. In sum, this book is a mix of military and social history, telling stories not only of those who were struggling as farmers but also those who were slaveowners. As such, this book is a must-read for historians, especially those interested in Revolutionary War history, and researchers, like those who want to learn more about their ancestors who lived during this time period. It is a book that will, without a doubt, open up a new world of exploration for historians, researchers, and the public as a whole.

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Stories of the Maryland 400

The sound of muskets and cannons on the battlefields of the Revolutionary War has far past, but the stories of those who fought in those battles live on. This book, in the same vein as Tales of the Maryland Extra Regiment, focuses on the Revolutionary War history of Maryland. It is a mix of straight military history and social history telling the story of Marylanders who were a part of the famed Maryland 400, the unit that fought in the Battle of Brooklyn and covered the retreat of the Continental Army. Focusing on the lives of Marylanders on and off the battlefield, religious suffering, alcohol consumption, the horrors of slavery, fights on the Georgia frontier in the 1790s between White settlers and indigenous peoples, and much more! This book is not only a must-read for historians of Early America and military historians but genealogists and any others interested in learning more about the past.

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