Fiction books

Below are some books for lovers of fiction, writers, and many more!

Unexpected Dimensional Drift

Originally written as a series of magical fantasy fan fiction stand-alone stories, this novella brings together characters from different walks of life, who work to fight evil and bring the world of Etheria into balance, culminating in battles on the planet’s surface and in space, led by a mind-controlled samurai. In the process, characters visit libraries, magical castles, travel through dimensional portals, knowingly or unknowingly, or fuse with each other into other beings, as they adapt to a place that may seem strange and weird. Apart from the swords and sorcery, magic, exploration of social awkwardness, and relationships, some characters pursue new friendships, which change their destinies and make discoveries that threaten to tear them apart.

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Hazards of A Blue Planet

This e-book picks up where Unexpected Dimensional Drift left off, with Steven, the Crystal Gems, and Adora re-adjusting to Earth after their adventures in Etheria. But not everything is peaceful as it would seem. A mysterious woman shows up in Beach City, pulling in our unexpected heroes into a fight against a league of criminals, while other Gems make new friends in the nation of Japan. In the process, our heroes meet immortal private detectives, international master thieves, and models. Some friendships and relationships are strengthened, while others are strained or smashed to pieces, with all experiencing the hazards of a blue planet, each in their own ways, facing foes close-by and far-away.

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