Wednesday Webcomics: “I want to be a cute anime girl”

I want to be a cute anime girl tells the story of a kid who likes dressing up as a girl and learns more about themselves along the way.

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Wednesday Webcomics: “Cursed Princess Club”

Cursed Princess Club tells the story of a princess, Gwendolyn, who stumbles upon a group of outcasts known as the Cursed Princess Club. Her life is forever changed.

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Wednesday Webcomics: “Sugar Moon”

Sugar Moon tells the story of teenager who is troubled by the death of her friend. Her final high school semester becomes complicated when her friend returns as a ghost.

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A Cyclone of Calamity: “Milo Murphy’s Law” is An Exciting Sci-Fi Comedy

Zack, Milo, and Melissa

What if someone creates a cyclone of calamity wherever they go? Milo Murphy’s Law answers that question, with Milo always prepared for the unexpected and turning any disaster into an adventure!

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Wednesday Webcomics: “Chroma Key”

Chroma Key tells the story of five teenagers who are chosen to save the world from an imminent invasion by aliens.

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“gen:LOCK”: A Mature Animation Which Takes Risks

What if you could upload your mind to a huge robot and save parts of it with other people? gen:LOCK, an anime-influenced mature animated series set 50 years in the future, tries to answer that question. This series takes risks with its LGBTQ themes, focus on trauma, science, religion, climate change, and much more! Let’s go in-depth and look at how this series explores these concepts.

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Wednesday Webcomics: “Babe! Series”

Babe! Series tells the story of two twenty-something women who live together.

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Wednesday Webcomics: “She’s a Keeper”

Clara meets Elena in the first episode

She’s a Keeper tells the story of a daughter of a wealthy businessman who falls in love with a woman who has been hired to protect her.

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Wednesday Webcomics: “The Pirate and the Princess”

The Pirate and the Princess tells the story of a princess whisked away by a pirate. She goes on a sea-going adventure and what she learns turns her world upside down.

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Wednesday Webcomics: “Ryder”

Ryder tells the story of a music sensation in L.A. whose life is changed completely after an encounter with a woman named Blithe in a coffee shop.

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