“Ollie & Scoops”: An Enthralling Fantasy-Adventure Series

Ollie and Scoops scheming (Screengrab: Ollie & Scoops)

What if a nine-year-old girl could talk to cats? Ollie & Scoops answers this question. This series follows the wild adventures of Ollie and her cat friend, Scoops, in the worlds of cats and humans alike, and is an animated series like no other.

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Wednesday Webcomics: “Odd Worlds”

Odd Worlds tells the story of Melria’s escape from her family as she tries to save reality itself, and is a succubus at the center of everything.

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Wednesday Webcomics: “Bring Me Love”

Bring Me Love tells the story of Brie who falls in love with another woman after her previous relationship comes to an end.

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Wednesday Webcomics: “Mira!”

Mira! tells the story of Mira, a first-year student, who meets the three young women she is rooming with. Their lives become intertwined in this cute, wholesome webcomic.

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