Wednesday Webcomics: “Ice Massacre”

Ice Massacre tells the story of Meela, who has to decide whether she will save her people or the mermaid she has fallen in love with.

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Wednesday Webcomics: “Diamond Dive”

Diamond Dive tells the story of a girl who learns she is a witch and goes to a school to hone her magical abilities. While there she finds more than her magic, like new challenges, crushes, and obstacles to overcome in this girl’s love story.

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Spicing It Up: “High Guardian Spice” is A Cute and Magical Coming-of-Age Story

Sage and Rosemary in the first episode

On October 26, the first twelve episodes of High Guardian Spice aired on Crunchyroll and VRV. The show tells the story of four girls, Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme who meet at a magical academy, try to become heroes, and explore their identities while preparing to protect the world from a looming threat.

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Wednesday Webcomics: “Not So Shoujo Love Story”


Not So Shoujo Love Story tells the story of a girl whose “perfect love story” is derailed when a popular girl confesses her love to her.

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Quirky Mature Comedy “Inside Job” Lampoons Conspiracy Theories

Reagan and her team

On October 22, the first ten episodes of Inside Job aired on Netflix. The show is not only irreverent, witty, and quirky, but its well-developed characters, voice acting, animation, and plot make the show captivating enough to watch, from episode to episode. Its interlinking stories lead to a devastating “resolution” that will shake you to the core.

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